Track Information

Track: Games and Immersive Technologies

In the digital tapestry of entertainment, games and augmented/mixed reality (AR/MR) weave threads of wonder. We invite researchers, developers, and practitioners to submit their work to the Games and Immersive technologies track of our conference. This track aims to explore cutting-edge advances and innovative techniques in the field of game development and immersive technologies (Augmented/Mixed/Virtual Reality) in general. We encourage submission covering all the topics related to the research and development of games and other immersive technologies and applications. These can be related to either games or immersive technologies or both. As such, we welcome submissions on a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:

• Innovative gameplay and interactive design techniques
• AI and machine learning applications in games or AR/VR/XR
• UI/UX related to games or AR/VR/XR applications
• Game Design and Mechanisms
• Game analytics and player behavior studies
• Development methodologies (e.g. using computer tools)
• Advances in game engines and development platforms
• Virtual and augmented reality experiences and applications
• Novel hardware and its usage in these applications
• Game and app prototyping
• Ethical considerations and social impacts