Track Information

Track: Emerging Computing Technologies and Trends for Business Process Management (ECT4BPM)

Business Process Management (BPM) allows controlling an organization’s processes. This discipline allows analyzing, modeling, monitoring, executing, and managing efficient and effective business processes. It aims to align the Business process activities with the needs of the client and making the organization more flexible, automated, and powerful. However, different new challenges appear related, for example, to the complexity of a large-scale BPM and the adaptation of business operations to ensure customer growth and engagement.

There is a variety of new emerging computing technologies and trends (e.g., cloud/edge, IoT, and blockchain) that can be used and applied in the different steps of business process management (e.g., monitoring and executing). This track examines the blend of these emerging trends and technologies with BPM in terms of issues undermining this blend, solutions achieving this blend, and recommendations sustaining this blend. These emerging technologies allow to achieve new goals and help to make smarter decisions. They have the potential for example to change the environment in which inter-organizational business processes can operate and to improve the business process management with data prediction and analysis.

This track encourages high-quality research and industrial papers that describe contributions related to applying new and emerging technologies in business process management. Specifically, the relevant topics include, but are not limited to:

• Blockchain for BPM
• Cloud computing-based BPM
• Fog/Edge computing-based BPM
• Mobile technologies for BPM
• Industry 4.0 and BPM
• Smart cities and BPM
• Robotic process automation and BPM
• Internet-of-things for BPM
• Artificial intelligence for BPM
• Business intelligence and BPM
• Data science applied to BPM.