Healthcare Information Systems

Healthcare Information Systems (HIS) advances offer substantial possibilities to enhance quality and efficiency of healthcare services, enable new forms of healthcare co-operations, improve interactions between patients and healthcare providers, and transform care delivery. With the development and utilization of the Electronic and Personal Healthcare Record (EHR/pHR) and their interplay with cloud-based aps, telemedicine, homecare and m-health the healthcare sector requires overcoming significant challenges like integration, security, big-data exploitation, healthcare analytics etc.
Consistent with the EMCIS conference theme this track addressees but it’s not limited, to a multidiscipline spectrum of theoretical perspectives and methodological approaches, such as:
  • Big Data in healthcare
  • Healthcare Information Technology and Systems (HIT/S)
  • Smart and Connected Health for Wellbeing
  • Electronic Health Systems: Deployment, Best Practices and Lessons Learnt
  • Healthcare Analytics
  • Mobile and Electronic Health (mHealth/eHealth) Solutions
  • Healthcare Information Systems Critical Success and Failure Factors (CSF/CFF)
  • Healthcare Application Integration: PACS, e-referral/prescription and telemedicine
  • Security Issues in Health Information Technology
  • Electronic Medical/Health Records (EMRs/EHRs)

Track co-Chairs:
Flora Malamateniou, University of Piraeus, Greece
Andriana Prentza, University of Piraeus, Greece