Track Information

Healthcare Information Systems

Healthcare Information Systems (HIS) advances offer substantial possibilities to enhance quality and efficiency of healthcare services, enable new forms of healthcare co-operations, improve interactions between patients and healthcare providers, and transform care delivery. With the development and utilization of the Electronic and Personal Healthcare Record (EHR/pHR) and their interplay with cloud-based aps, telemedicine, homecare and m-health the healthcare sector requires overcoming significant challenges like integration, interoperability, security, big data exploitation, healthcare analytics etc.

Consistent with the EMCIS conference theme this track addresses, but it is not limited, to a multidiscipline spectrum of theoretical perspectives and methodological approaches, such as:

  • Healthcare Information Technology and Systems (HIT/S)
  • Electronic Medical/Health Records (EMRs/EHRs)
  • Clinical Information Systems
  • Mobile and Electronic Health (mHealth/eHealth) Solutions
  • Smart and Connected Health for Wellbeing
  • Electronic Health Systems: Deployment, Best Practices and Lessons Learnt
  • Big Data in Healthcare
  • Healthcare Analytics
  • Data Analytics for Public Health Care
  • Healthcare Information Systems Critical Success and Failure Factors (CSF/CFF)
  • Healthcare Application Integration: PACS, eReferral/ePrescription and Telemedicine
  • Next Generation Telehealthcare
  • Security Issues in Health Information Technology
  • Interoperability Issues in Health Information Technology

 Track Chair

Andriana Prentza, University of Piraeus, Greece