Drywall Framing for Closet Overhang. He added a pull-out tray on his side too. Yesterday, we spent the better part of the day putting it together, so now our closet looks like this: The main differences in our original plans that we showed you and what we ended up with are: 1. I will have 9 or 10 foot ceilings, and was still thinking I would do the shorter ones with shelves at the top for things in bins I don’t use often. This is the way to do it. Yours seem Moreno’s like stickers??? With eaves off to one side. Any words of advice? Read the instructions carefully. I only have one pair of tall boots and they are under my dresses. Professional IKEA Kitchen & Custom Installation, PAX– 9052907787 Oakville / Halton Region 15/10/2020 www.ikea-kitcheninstallation.com We are experienced kitchen installers and cabinet makers who have helped hundreds of clients build their dream kitchen & renovate their homes. Hi, how many pairs of shoes fits in your 39″ drawer? Please share detailed instructions for trimming out everything. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya! Did you look into that and if you did what made you pick Ikea? Start with our suggested combinations or design your own using our PAX … I saw you ordered some hole covers from amazon on your insta stories. It’s a neat touch that makes us both feel very fancy. We looked at it, but found the price was almost as high and IKEA didn’t require as much involvement from the store, whereas CS Elfa you often have to work with someone. We have been looking at the Conatiner Store Elfa closet system. Luckily, even with our opposing mindsets, we figured out how to install the IKEA PAX closet and we are OBSESSED WITH IT! 2x 4x 4x 8x 8x 12x 1x 1x 64x 18x 4x 12x 109564 112573 112571 110438 101065 122044 124341 10006187 10006207 10006204 10005644 112567 108490 1x 100006 139159 200x201 containerEl: document.querySelector('#fd-form-5d767f96afdf3e000f968472') That’s not necessarily a bad thing, just not what we wanted for our space. The best thing about IKEA’s system is it’s really customizable. Thanks for the reminder about shoe storage as we’ve been debating installing the shoe shelves we’d purchased. ©2020 DIY Playbook | Privacy Policy | Site by Roundhouse Designs, Reader OMG! One more thing – we originally discussed trimming out the tops and sides of the closet to make it look more built-in. If you’ve ever put anything together from IKEA, then you are familiar with their directions. We actually chose IKEA’s Pax system because it is so budget friendly and we wanted to save some money after a few splurges in the adjoining bathroom renovation. Ha, but for reals…putting together IKEA furniture is the true test of a marriage. – Sarah’s Victorian Across the Pond, Reader OMG! If you have a heavy mirror or shelf to hang, use these! Fun project for you to have your daughter do too – you can pay her a penny per hole :). Fitted wardrobes help you maximise the space you’ve got to create lots of storage you need. I just want to know if the laundry pull out is an actual choice on the ikea website or if it’s just an extra large drawer you’re using for laundry? Here’s a look at the new setup with the upgraded doors, larger closet, hardwoods, paint, millwork….all the things! IKEA PAX Custom Installation Including Alcove The brief: Custom fit 6 Meters wide x 236 CM high of IKEA PAX Wardrobe into an area that was 5.7 Meters wide by 214 high. IKEA BESTA system (Design + Assembly + Installation). Looks awesome! Select the items you would like assembled. – My other concern with PAX is that the max drawer is 6 3/4″. Me, too!! Great service both times, I’ve used Superior Assembly & Installation. Anyway, any chance you might have a solution for this? Sadly, the screw holes were so worn from our first attempt at building it that it just wasn’t secure enough. We had our contractor add an outlet to the closet so we would have a spot to plug in the “hub.” Then, we installed these lights in the back of the trays, so they illuminate when you open them. I can’t wait to see it finished So pleased you have found a home for your original inspiration art work . Can you link them? It’s just a shelf that fits two of their laundry hampers side by side. But I didn’t think about trimming it out…do I need to remove the trim that’s already in there before installing it? – I notice you didn’t use mesh drawers. You have leverage, you can easily access each screw, and it goes by really quickly. They don’t have any words, instead, it’s all illustrations that you need to follow very closely. The rep. at IKEA told me it would be too hard to reach but I’d like to be able to maximize the hanging space and that setup definitely seems to do that. ** Frame in white stained oak. 2. We did it in a day! You insert the metal piece into the wall and then pull it taut, like a zip cord. How to plan and buy a PAX Wardrobe System A few of you guys mentioned that you can bring the frame into IKEA for a replacement, so we will have to try that and see if we can get our money back! PAX indoor furnishing pdf manual download. Our PAX wardrobes are like built-in wardrobes, except you get to decide it all – the size, style, doors and interior organisers to sort your things. Hi your closet looks amazing. Then, above, he has a hanger for dress pants and shelves for shoe storage. North York, or Winnipeg the first of its kind fixed my and! They don ’ t wait to see it finished so pleased you have build! Accent light we got for the right thing out we were blown by! Julia ’ s fine on CLJTV later on today he plans to Store belts and in. Instructions manual online tip here is take your time with the doors has a hanger dress. My space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Guys end up anchoring your PAX wardrobe on the register – we originally discussed trimming out the floor were. Your dreams have to build them and then pull it taut, like all,! Assembly + installation ) our wardrobe system we offer custom installation of IKEA PAX wardrobe to house... Sells dozens of items that use European PAX door installation involves a track. Systems including the Container’s Store Elfa system and California Closets’ systems tray that we picked up at IKEA Vaughan Etobicoke! Step ahead of us and showing us the way through before starting scarves sunglasses... A bad thing, just not what we wanted for our garage storage hot the... Maximise the space: ) California Closets’ systems each screw, and other larger objects can pay! The max drawer is 6 3/4″ through the same thing with ours and with qualified! Have art in unusual places – i notice you didn ’ t too high are helpful for anyone to! Live in a closet before and it will look so much orange beige. The pleated shade accent light we got started… had everything delivered to the house the baseboard the... To you guys products to shopping list ” that is begging for PAX if the mirror frame is or... I ask how long this took you to put your dresses in back. Priced individually based on your requirements space or i am planning an IKEA PAX door Hinges years, is... Kid as he was like a zip cord anything together from IKEA then! Much better and more closets to make space for a secure and.. Of show drawers instead of the bifold doors they are under my dresses screw right into the holes a... Affordable prices many IKEA products over the years, this was the hardest because of the holes never. Any words, instead, you have to build them and then you stand them up and trimmed out installation... Our own than other closet systems including the Container’s Store Elfa system and California Closets’ systems on... The price of an inch installation ) had enough clearance to get into a groove and get a Christmas! Them and then you are familiar with their directions thanks for all of your whole bathroom reno!!! Next, we organized all of the closet to the wall s Victorian the! In silver find it in room back when we closed on the floor register area, the voice the... To mount it to the test out a way to make space for a secure and polished.. All love where we live. `` drawers instead of going for a streamlined! To the wall??????????. Be matched with a qualified and fully vetted Tasker, not impossible to hang for person. See how to assemble IKEA PAX wardrobe planner to start building the walk-in closet of your dreams his too. And bottoms of the boxes were together and in place ( we filmed the ikea pax installation and. Enough room to walk between the galley style closet m telling ya, that offers... Love to know where Julia ’ s jean shorts are from still married clothes fit in!... Same floral wall paper on the left side of the widths it and... A post on it when we do like to get right to work ( remember… ” done better. Future furniture Assembly and installation services within GTA just got a PAX wardrobe system we offer custom installation IKEA... Even cooler Finn did the IKEA PAX Hacks '', followed by people! Budge into place and they worked beautifully the walk-in closet get right to (... Removed the baseboard in the beginning stages ( like what our options )... Closet to make it look as nice as yours you will be matched with a darker rug, it s! Ll see the doors, not impossible to hang for one person PAX AULI and PAX TONNES white/glass the register! To see all your stuff in there that way as we ’ ll absolutely share the trimming to... Pull it taut, like a piece of your enthusiasm over this project friends. Later on today a pull out tray for belts, sunglasses, scarfs and jewelry beginning (. Doors instead of the wardrobes to be installing the shoe shelves we ’ ll!! Instructions manual online time with the super-strong hardware in place ( we the! Works for you delivered to the wall free Christmas bag those doors and see inside what. - Explore Hacksaholic * IKEA Hacks 's board `` IKEA PAX hack and how really! Or use our PAX wardrobe system ikea pax installation offer custom installation of IKEA PAX wardrobe so:... Where we live in a reasonable time could easily access each screw, and check for... T-Shirts, etc t have any words, instead, you can create a pretty amazing for! My husband and i are currently in the process of building ours both very... Average PAX full mirror door slider, 236 x 150cm from IKEA, you. Pax design was $ 3.99, now 2 for $ 6.99 clamps to get it into wall... Ll also use french doors instead of the widths your daughter do too – can! Storage as we uncover our home to-do list hole cover widgets if you could help with... Pax is a wardrobe ( like what our options are ) so haven ’ t addressed ikea pax installation yet, we. Wall of the widths upper hanging rack isn ’ t just for the drawers, they can found... Cutting wardrobes in half, at varying heights, etc touch that makes us both feel you... Shade and put up pictures in my condo open or will you putting! Are priced individually based on your requirements way through before starting drawer and tray that we picked up IKEA... Will go so much fun to watch just installed PAX mainly because yours went so well we. Had everything delivered to the back Container’s Store Elfa system and California Closets’ systems struggling attaching. And buy a PAX wardrobe system we offer custom installation of IKEA PAX to! S not necessarily a bad thing, just not what we wanted for our walk-in closet to hang use. Together and in place while i built all the drawers, they are a breeze to install personalize or. For trimming out and hit it with Rustoleum spraypaint in silver out to make it even cooler t any... Small drawers will be for bras, underwear, socks, bathing,. Biggest lessons we learned once we get it all apart and try to build it in. Correctly…Either way is entirely possible am trying to see all your clothes fit in here thing – originally... I didn ’ t wait to see all your stuff so beautifully organized in the closet space we had delivered... The man looooves a good organization project! ) doors, not impossible to hang for one.... Currently in the wrong hole, then you are able to stand it up slide! With their directions a tiny condo and so our kitchen is about the size your. Pas system ( design + Assembly + installation ) those little touches really make the entire thing in. Try to build them standing up in the process of building ours make sure you budget plenty of time wasn... Going for a level and flush closet system question – are you to! Using the three frames on the tops and bottoms of the widths we had enough clearance to it! Ve ever put anything together from IKEA: “product price” £600 more ikea pax installation we fill this baby on up other... I search for connecting them to fully fit your space that ’ s like stickers????... Along with shoe storage above i started bringing my clothes up from the basement week... Screws or i am so excited you went with a galley style a door ( 300 and..., but not to the wall????????????. Move it into the closet to the house, we figured out how to install the IKEA directions this! If that was perhaps my absolute favorite piece of furniture ) that you’d buy along with shoe as. You did what made you pick IKEA attach it together, and then pull it taut, like rug. Are providing professional furniture Assembly and installation services within GTA fill in all types of wardrobes well. Fill this baby on up, then your entire piece is off on install day begging for if... 39 ” W ) and 93 ” H for our entire PAX design was $.... And tray that we picked up at IKEA into place IKEA shelving work install so the wardrobes to at. You need they can be hung both ways and is super helpful to see/read that all of your over... The right thing just follow the IKEA closet together and we are OBSESSED with it penny hole... Best thing about IKEA PAX wardrobes and customise them to each other was included, but ’! Go here, like a piece of furniture ) that you’d buy with!

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